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game kastle ankeny

great store with a good selection of items and a good gaming space that includes plenty of tables and space and two large, private rooms for a more quiet gaming experience, perfect for d&d.
Allison, Google Review
great staff and opening for gaming. has or can get about anything you're looking for. growing and expanding everyday.
Chris, Google Review
excellent game store! solid board game selection, great stock of war gaming supplies (from minis to paints to expansions), as well as lots of stuff for tabletop rpgs like d&d and pathfinder. the true gem is the play area though! lots of space and the option to rent private rooms is tough to beat. very pleased to have them in ankeny!
Zoë, Google Review
this is my go to place for painting miniatures. the staff is friendly, and there is a dedicated area for us to enjoy our hobby with friends.
Derek, Google Review
what a great place! if you like board games, rpg, miniatures war-gaming or mini painting, do not miss this store. they were friendly, helpful and had an excellent selection of paints, minus and games. enjoy.
Potter, Google Review

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1605 SE Delaware Ave Suite K
Ankeny, IA 50021

(515) 630-1681

Sun, 11am - 7pm
Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat, 11am - 10pm
Thurs, 11am - 9pm