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game kastle austin

i first visited game kastle austin in september of 2021. they are such a nice, well-lit store with a great, welcoming staff. everyone was so nice to me and made me feel like i was right at home. they have a huge selection, a friendly staff, and a beautiful space to play in. can't wait to come back!
Boyd, Google Review
game kastle is a great game store with a welcoming community. i enjoy painting miniatures there and they’ve got an active miniature wargame scene and tons of painting supplies. ccgs, rpgs, board games… they’ve got a bit of everything.
Rey, Google Review
i came here to pick up painting supplies for my partner and the staff here was so great. i usually get a little scared and confused in these places cause minis aren't my own hobby but it was really easy to find what i wanted. i also appreciate them being open so close to the holidays. i had an amazon order disappear on me so being able to replace some of it was a big relief.
Kat, Google Review
check them out if you're into board games and miniatures! tom and his crew are knowledgeable and friendly and the store is well organized and stocked. it's a great place to meet others and nerd out!
Steven, Google Review
more tables than you can shake a stick at plus rooms you can reserve for private play. all in all exactly the experience i was hoping for. just as welcoming, helpful, and full of cool stuff as my local store growing up.
Ryan, Google Review

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