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game kastle santa clara

a very reliable place to get the games you need. i have tried twice to get board games from target but they never seem to have what i want even if they are classics. i was able to call game kastle and do a one day hold on the games i needed.
Charlene, Google Review
gem! spacious warehouse that sells boardgames and has a selection of boardgames you can test out for free! we also bought a few games from them and noticed their price is comparable to what's sold online. friendly staff is a big bonus.
Adri, Google Review
an excellent game store with plenty of gaming space, a well-stacked selection, and a good variety of games played out back.
Basheer, Google Review
if you like board games, miniature painting, or card games, there's no better place! i love the fact that periodic events are held at the store, like magic tournaments or d&d sessions.
Marco, Google Review
love the flea market they host. good selection of games. staff friendly without overdoing it
Adrienne, Google Review

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Santa Clara, CA 95050

(408) 564-4875

Sun, 10am - 8pm
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