Game Kastle Customer Reviews

Great hobby stuff selection! Nice people that know their stuff! So glad they are surviving during global pandemic! I get all my model painting stuff here!
Mark Indiveri 5 months ago
Awesome gaming store for a lot of popular tabletop boardgames. Staff was extremely helpful and friendly.
Jonathan Vargas 6 days ago
Great to have a local game store. They are a chain with multiple locations which is good if the local store doesn't have what you need.. Good selection of board games, magic the gathering, miniatures, card games, and accessories. Hopefully they will get their gaming space going in the age of covid.
Royce Hays 2 months ago
I would give this place 5 stars before but not after the exprience we've gotten from the staff especially the female employees. My friends and I used to play here all the time and but for whatever reason recently the staff have a supriority complex. We try to ask about new games and if they also play and they give us attitude like we don't belong here. They also talk behind your back like we can't hear them behind the counter. FYI voices echo in the store. So no i wouldn't recommend this place especially if you are new to tabletop gaming.
Jan S a month ago
My friends and family love coming to Game Kastle and purchasing the various paints and D&D figurines for our weekly campaigns, often times coming up with a story to incorporate as we paint and chat around a table. The employees are very friendly and go above and beyond when being helpful, even going so far as to give my son pokemon cards from their own collection when the store was out at the time. My only complaint would be that they do not price match online, but seeing the oversaturation on the marketplace I can understand to an extent
T Del a month ago
Great service here always. I usually pop in for a look at the books and games. They can order most everything that isn't in store and that is quick and easy.
Michael Bruce 3 weeks ago
By far my favorite game store. They have a wide selection of games. The staff is friendly and helpful. And a great selection of dice. It checks all the boxes!
Ethan Cristobal a month ago
Our first visit and wow - we were so impressed with the knowledge shown by the staff. They took the time to understand our needs for a perfect birthday present. We will be back....
Ted Thornton 2 months ago